The First Expansion

When the owner of a small business is working all the hours of the day and finds there is still more to be done, it is time to begin hiring others to do the work. It will often be a difficult decision, and looking over the books will point to how much can be spent for workers. Some profit margins are thick enough to make the decision an easy one, but many are not. The first expansion can be a trying time for a business owner.

Being fully invested in the business, the owner will want to ensure that any new employee or group hired will do their work well. The interview process might tend to be lengthy, but hiring just the right people is important for continued success. When the decision has been made, training is the next step. It is during this time that any person not willing to work hard will be eliminated from the business, and the process will begin anew.

The steps for hiring the first employees and training them for a small business is generally one that takes a toll on the owner in terms of time and nerves, but it tends to be successful due to the amount of care and consideration it has been given. The owner has too much invested to settle for less than perfection, so the employee will live up to those expectations or be let go. This is part of what makes the beginning of growth a good step in the right direction.

While it might seem that any business that remains with this formula would succeed in hiring all good employees, things change once the company has gotten larger. Only a few companies will take as much time and effort to vet each prospective employee, so continued growth might hit a few snags.