Expanding a Business


Deadweight Employees

The margin for error in any small company can be a razor’s edge, so choosing people willing and able to do the work needed is...


The First Expansion

When the owner of a small business is working all the hours of the day and finds there is still more to be done, it...


Developing Hiring Guidelines

While the owner tends to interview and hire their first few employees, many small businesses that are expanding rapidly have found that developing hiring guidelines...

Whenever a small business begins operation, it is generally run by one person or family. Everyone connected with working there has a personal motivation to make sure it succeeds, and there are few issues about who will do what. The ability to get things done on time and in a good form is easy because the people who are in the business need it to be successful. The problems with employees can begin when expanding a business, but they must be solved if it is to continue.

Hiring people at first might be easy enough when it comes to good employees, but businesses that continue to grow might find those they hire are lacking in motivation. The first few people given a job might turn out to be perfect, but finding good workers after that can be a challenge for any small business that needs to expand to keep its product or service schedules.